How To Split a Clip In Premiere Pro: Step-by-Step Tutorial

As a beginner videographer, it's essential to master the basics of video editing software. How to split a clip in Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the key skills you need to learn. Splitting the film is an essential stage in the editing process, whether you're trying to cut out a specific part or making a montage. To help you advance your abilities in video editing, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of dividing a clip in Premiere Pro.

What Does It Mean To Split a Clip?

A single video or audio file can be divided into two or more portions by "splitting" it. This procedure is frequently used to cut out undesired portions of a video, reorganize clips, or produce a more engaging visual effect.

In Premiere Pro, splitting a clip is a quick and easy operation that only requires a few clicks. By mastering this ability, you'll be able to edit your movies more precisely and produce polished, expert-quality content.

How Do I Split a Clip In Premier Pro

Here are the step-by-step instructions for splitting a clip in Premiere Pro:

  1. Open your Premiere Pro project and select the clip you want to split in the timeline.
  2. Move the playhead (the small blue marker on the timeline) to the point where you want to split the clip.
  3. Use the razor tool by clicking on the razor icon in the toolbar (or press the C key on your keyboard).
  4. Click on the clip at the point where you want to split it with the razor tool.
  5. The clip will now be divided into two separate parts, with the playhead remaining at the split point.
  6. To delete the unwanted section, select it and press the delete key on your keyboard.
  7. To reposition the split clips or adjust their length, click and drag the edges of the clips in the timeline.

You can simply split a clip in Premiere Pro by following these easy methods, which will advance your abilities in video editing. To avoid losing any progress, don't forget to save your work periodically as you go.

What Are The Benefits Of Splitting a Clip?

For new filmmakers, splitting a clip into Premiere Pro has a number of advantages. First off, it enables you to cut out unnecessary scenes from your movie, ensuring that only the greatest material is included in the finished version. Additionally, the option to trim, rearrange, and merge clips give you more creative control over the composition and organization of your film. By slicing clips, you may produce more interesting and eye-catching videos, resulting in a finished product that is polished and professional.

Tips and Tricks For Splitting Clips

While splitting a clip can appear to be a straightforward execution, there are a few tips and methods that can help you become even more proficient with this method. Using keyboard shortcuts, such as the "C" key for the razor tool and the "Delete" key for deleting unneeded parts, is one of the most helpful tips. You'll save time and divide clips more effectively if you do this.

When splitting clips, it's a good idea to zoom in on the timeline so you can see the frames more clearly and make sure your cuts are precise. By using the "+" key on your keyboard or the magnifying glass symbol, you can enlarge the current view.

It's crucial to take your video's rhythm and flow into account when deciding how to split a clip. You shouldn't break clips too frequently or in a way that throws off the flow of the scene. Pick the areas where you think you can cut most effectively, keeping in mind how it will affect the overall plot.

Other Useful Keyboard Shortcuts To Split Videos

There are more helpful keyboard shortcuts that can help you divide video clips in Premiere Pro more quickly, in addition to the "C" key for the razor tool and the "Delete" key for eliminating unnecessary chunks. To name a few:

  1. Press "Ctrl+K" (Windows) or "Cmd+K" (Mac) to quickly create a split video at the playhead.
  2. Press "Shift + T" to add a default transition between two clips that are butted up against each other.
  3. Press "Ctrl + Shift + D" (Windows) or "Command + Shift + D" (Mac) to quickly duplicate a clip and split it at the same time.
  4. Press "Alt + Left Arrow" or "Alt + Right Arrow" to nudge a clip left or right by one frame at a time, which can be helpful for making small adjustments to the timing of your cuts.

How Do I Export My Split Video

You'll probably want to export your finished result once you've divided your video segments to your taste. Just go to the File menu in Premiere Pro and choose Export to accomplish this. Next, select the settings and format you want for your exported video.

Here are a few common formats and their uses:

  1. MP4: This is a common format for online video streaming and sharing, as it is compatible with most devices and platforms. It's also a relatively small file size, making it easier to upload and share.
  2. MOV: This format is often used for high-quality video editing and playback. It's a larger file size than MP4 but allows for greater flexibility in terms of editing and color grading.
  3. AVI: This is an older format that is still commonly used for professional video editing and post-production. It supports a variety of codecs and allows for high-quality video and audio.
  4. WMV: This format is commonly used for Windows Media Player and Windows-based devices. It's a smaller file size, making it easier to share and play on these devices.

It's important to consider the different formats you can export your video in, as each format has its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, if you plan on sharing your video on Instagram or YouTube, you may want to export it in a specific format that is optimized for that platform.

What Is The Best Video Format For Youtube and Instagram?

Exporting your video for YouTube in the MP4 format using the H.264 codec is advised because it offers good quality while retaining a manageable file size. Additionally, keep in mind that the maximum resolution supported by YouTube is 4K when exporting your videos.

The preferred video format for Instagram is MP4 with H.264 codec and AAC audio at a bitrate of 3500 kbps. Make sure to keep your clips under 60 seconds since Instagram only allows up to that duration.


Your ability to split a clip in Premiere Pro will considerably improve your video editing abilities. You may edit your video to produce precise cuts and flawless transitions with just a few keystrokes. Additionally, exporting your clips in the appropriate format after you've divided them up as you like might significantly affect how your finished output appears and functions. You'll be well on your way to producing professional-caliber videos that impress and inspire if you adhere to these straightforward guidelines and methods.

Final Thoughts

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