How To Freeze Frame In Premiere Pro: Step-by-Step

Freezing frames is an effective technique to create engaging and attention-grabbing videos. It adds drama to your project and emphasizes important moments. For beginner video editors looking to enhance their editing skills, knowing how to freeze a video segment in Premiere Pro is essential. Our step-by-step guide simplifies the process, so you can easily master this technique. Let's dive in and learn how to freeze frames in Premiere Pro.

What Does It Mean To Freeze Frame?

A freeze frame is simply a still image of a video frame that looks paused. It gives viewers more time to examine and process the image. This technique is commonly used in action-packed scenes, where a freeze frame can help viewers to fully appreciate a pivotal moment.

How Do I Freeze A Frame In Premiere Pro?

Freezing a frame is a common technique used by video editors to add emphasis or create a dramatic effect. It's a simple task that can be completed in a few easy steps in Premiere Pro. Here's how you can freeze a frame in Premiere Pro:

  1. Select the clip in the timeline: First, choose the clip on which you wish to freeze a frame. Make sure the playback head is located at the point where you want the freeze frame to start.
  2. Set the in and out points: You must place the in and out points at the same location in order to generate a freeze frame. Simply tap "I" to mark your in point and "O" to mark your out point to set the in and out points.
  3. Right-click the clip: Once you've set the in and out points, right-click on the clip in the timeline. From the menu that appears, select "Frame Hold Options."
  4. Choose "Hold On" from the dropdown menu: There is a dropdown menu titled "Type" in the Frame Hold Options dialog box. To continue, just choose "Hold On" from this option.
  5. Click "OK": Once you've selected "Hold On," click the "OK" button to apply the freeze frame to the clip.

You've successfully frozen a frame in Premiere Pro. You can now adjust the duration of the freeze frame by dragging the clip's edge in the timeline, or by adjusting the duration value in the Effects Control Panel.

Are There Tips For Using Freeze Frames In Your Videos?

Now that you know how to freeze a frame in Premiere Pro, here are some tips for using freeze frames effectively in your videos:

  1. Use freeze frames to emphasize important moments or actions in your video. This technique can help capture viewers' attention to a particular moment, making it more memorable.
  2. Consider adding text or graphics to your freeze frames. This can help provide additional context or information to the viewer, making your video more informative and engaging.
  3. Experiment with different freeze frame durations. Depending on the effect you're trying to achieve, you may want to freeze the frame for just a few seconds, or for a longer period of time.
  4. Use freeze frames sparingly. While freeze frames can be a powerful tool, overusing them can make your video feel repetitive or gimmicky. Consider using them only when they truly add value to your project.

How Do I Adjust The Duration Of A Freeze Frame In Premiere Pro?

Freeze frames can be a powerful storytelling tool in video editing, allowing you to emphasize an exact moment or add emphasis to a scene. Adjusting a freeze frame's duration in Adobe Premiere Pro is a quick and easy process that only requires a few simple steps. The steps below can be used to change a freeze frame's duration in Premiere Pro:

  1. Add a freeze frame to your timeline: By first selecting the frame you want to freeze and choosing "Add Frame Hold" from the right-click menu, you may insert a freeze frame to your timeline. This will add a two-second freeze frame to your timeline at the current playhead position.
  2. Select the freeze frame clip: Next, select the freeze frame clip on your timeline by clicking on it. You should see the clip highlighted in yellow.
  3. Adjust the duration of the freeze frame: To adjust the duration of the freeze frame, hover your mouse over the edge of the clip until you see a double-sided arrow. To lengthen or shorten the freeze frame, click and drag this arrow to the right or left.
  4. Move the freeze frame to the desired position: Finally, move the freeze frame to the desired position on your timeline by clicking and dragging it to a new location. You can also adjust the length of the clips before and after the freeze frame to create a seamless transition into and out of the frozen moment.


In conclusion, learning how to freeze frames in Premiere Pro is a valuable skill for any beginner video editor. You can quickly add this method to your video editing toolkit by following the straightforward procedures listed above. Remember to use freeze frames strategically and sparingly, and consider experimenting with different durations and additional text or graphics to support and enhance their impact. Putting these tips into action will set you up to craft compelling and unforgettable videos that will leave a lasting impression.

Final Thoughts

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